thoughts running through like a waterfall through a funnel.

Silence occupies the vessel where my voice usually resonates from.
Lots through my mind without a word uttered. Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in my thoughts. Being such a passionate person can backfire at times. I normally want to say what’s on my mind, but this time I don’t. Like a bag filled with lava waiting to explode, yet it hardens and implodes. This being an unnatural action, I unintentionally stray away. In fear I might say something hurtful, or my honesty is just too..honest. I’m hurting within and trying to converse with my inner- self seems to get me nowhere. I refuse to suppress the thoughts because, I know it will damage me. Like it has before. I’ve been through something very similar in the past, yet this is something entirely new. I voice out here, just because it brings me tranquility knowing that I’m not alone. I try to relax, to avoid stress. I’m actually allergic haha, I breakout into hives all over my back, neck, and chin area. The healing process…. IRRITATINGLY ITCHY! Feels good to vent, but sometimes I long for something more.